New Year, New Home, New Move?

The New Year – it’s a time for celebration, starting over and turning over a new leaf. Also, one of the best times to move, especially if you want to start fresh in a new location. Whether you’re considering moving for work, you’re getting children, or you just want to have a brand new experience in a new town, planning out your move in advance will ensure that things go as smoothly as possible.

Our Professional Team brings you the best move-out tips to get you off to a good start on this adventure and enjoy a quick and easy move in a clean home.

1. Prepare a personal kit

Before you move, prepare a personal kit: charger, toothbrush, pajamas, hairbrush, and that blanket that you like so much for your naps on the sofa. In any case, there is a problem with the boxes, your most precious goods will be with you.

2. Pack your belongings into boxes.

Packing is a breeze. Just make sure you get organized beforehand and know what you need to do before you even pack the first box to ensure your household goods arrive at your new destination without a scratch.
We recommend taking an inventory of things and labeling each box.
Follow a sequence, start with a room and finish it, and once you have a check continue with the next room.
Once you have everything packed and you arrive at your new home, leave each box in the corresponding room. The box is labeled -kitchen- in the kitchen, the one in the living room in the living room, so it will be much easier to place.

3. Don’t be embarrassed!

The upside of moving is that it forces you to make a clean sweep of the house, getting rid of items that you no longer use or need. It is the best time to disappear all those things that you hate so much and have the excuse that you lost it in the move.

Moving always brings work, but also the possibility of starting over.
Why not get the new year off to a great start?

Now is the time to start planning your clean home and create a perfect place for you and your family. Let the experts at the Clean Image of Tucson help you. Get started today!