From Desert Sunshine to Sparkling Spaces


Ah, Tucson – a place where the sun always shines, even in December! As winter approaches, you might be tempted to spend more time outdoors, enjoying the pleasant weather. But before you dive into holiday festivities, don’t forget to give your home the love it deserves. Let’s talk about what you need to keep sparkling as December comes knocking on your door.

1. Winter Sun and Windows:

Tucson’s beautiful winter sun is something to cherish. But those sunny rays can highlight every speck of dust on your windows. So, it’s time for a little glass action. Clean your windows and enjoy an unobstructed view of the stunning Arizona landscape.

2. Your Tile Floors, Cool as Ever:

Tucson homes often have cool tile floors that are perfect for keeping the temperature down during hot summer days. But they need a little TLC too. Grab your mop, give them a good cleaning, and dance your way to squeaky clean floors.

3. BBQ Clean-Up for All-Season Grilling:

In Tucson, you can fire up the grill year-round. So, before you sizzle those steaks for your holiday barbecue, give your grill a good scrub. It’ll be ready for any season, even in December.

4. The Great Outdoors – Patio and Porch Cleaning:

Tucsonans love their outdoor spaces, whether it’s a porch, patio, or balcony. Get your outdoor area holiday-ready by sweeping, cleaning the furniture, and creating a cozy space to sip your morning coffee.

5. Dusty Cacti and Houseplants:

We know you love your cacti and houseplants, but they can collect a fair bit of dust. Give them some attention, and they’ll thank you by purifying your indoor air and adding a touch of green to your holiday décor.

6. Welcome Mat and Entryway Appeal:

The front door is where your holiday guests receive their first impression. Make sure it’s a welcoming one! Sweep the porch, dust off the welcome mat, and consider a festive wreath to set the tone.

7. Kitchen Clean-Up Before Feasting:

Tucson holiday feasts are legendary. But before you start cooking up a storm, give your kitchen a deep clean. Clean the appliances, scrub the sink, and clear the countertops – you’ll have more space for holiday culinary creations.

8. A Fridge That’s Holiday Ready:

Before you start stashing those holiday goodies in the fridge, take some time to clean it out. Check those expiration dates, toss any science experiments (we mean leftovers), and give it a wipe-down. This way, you’ll have plenty of room for those tasty treats and a fridge that’s ready for the holiday feast.

9. Guest Room Prep:

If you’re expecting guests, don’t forget to prep the guest room. Fresh linens, plumped pillows, and maybe a touch of Tucson décor will ensure your visitors have a cozy home away from home.

10. Declutter for the Festivities:

Clear out the clutter to make space for holiday decorations. Those blankets and summer gear you won’t need during winter? Store them away to create more room for festive cheer.


As Tucsonans, we have the luxury of enjoying the outdoors even in December, but that doesn’t mean our homes should be any less inviting. A little pre-holiday cleaning can ensure your Tucson residence is ready for the festivities.

However, we understand that the hustle and bustle of life can sometimes leave you with less time for these tasks. If you find yourself juggling a busy schedule, consider reaching out to professionals who know the ins and outs of Tucson cleaning. Our team at The Clean Image of Tucson is here to help. We specialize in making homes sparkle, leaving you more time to savor the magic of the season. Happy tidying, and remember, we’re just a call away to make your Tucson home holiday-ready!