Are you ready for the Festive Season?

The Festive season is fast approaching and that means we’ll be opening our doors to many family and friends over the next few weeks!

But you know what ruins our chill and Holiday spirit? …a messy house.

So I wanted to share some tips to get your home clean and ready for the holidays.

  • Walk through your home with a visitor’s eye.
  • Make notes of any imperfections and make a detailed list of everything that needs to get done.
  • Gather family members, and assign chores that work best for everyone, depending on age and ability.
  • Put your focus on the main areas in your home that guests will be seeing like the front porch, entryway, and living room. While you’re looking at the small details, check your light fixtures.
  • Ready Your Kitchen. People tend to gather around the food during the holidays, so make sure your kitchen looks and smells nice.
  • If you have festive china, crystal, and nice flatware that only comes out for big celebratory meals, find a weekend before stress sets in to take your pieces off the shelves and give them a gentle, thorough cleaning by hand so they’re ready to go.
  • Give the bathroom and the toilet a good thorough cleaning, make sure the entire bathroom is squeaky clean. Be sure they have plenty of clean towels, toiletries, to make them feel right at home.

When you have finished cleaning, look for the time to decorate your house. Make sure you do not overstate it because too many decorations can make your house look like it has not been cleaned for years.

My BIGGEST Holiday Cleaning Tip!  – Don’t stress.

Things do not need to be perfect.  Only do what you can do. The holidays are supposed to be fun for you too.

Things will run much smoother and be less stressful if you have some help. Give yourself the gift of a house cleaning during the holidays by calling on the professionals – The Clean image of Tucson. –

Whether you need special services — like preparing for or cleaning after a party — or would just plain like some backup with a maintenance cleaning. We’re here to lend a hand. Check out our services.

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Starting the holidays off right with a clean home will make it easier to keep clean.

Cleaning Holiday Checklist

  • Have Fireplace / Chimney cleaned.

  • Wash down walls.

  • Wipe down the doors with a damp cloth.

  • Prep Your Linens for Your Party.

  • Sanitize the dishwasher.

  • Clean out the pantry and make a list of items needed.
  • Clean the dining table and chairs.
  • Wash guest linens and prepare the guest room.
  • Add small touches of comfort to the guest room.

  • Wipe mirror, the cabinets.
  • Clean the tub, shower and toilet.
  • Deep-clean your oven.
  • Deep-clean your refrigerator and freezer.
  • Clean grease off kitchen surfaces.
  • Wipe down all door knobs and appliance handles.
  • Wash curtains throughout the main living areas.
  • Have the carpets and furniture cleaned or hire a cleaner.
  • Clean out the front coat closet.
  • Flip/rotate mattresses throughout the house.
  • Purge toys from the kids’ rooms.
  • Polish silverware and unpack the holiday dishes.
  • Clear piles of books, magazines, etc., and leave the space neat.