Clear out your clutter.

Picking up clutter not only helps make your cleaner’s job easier, but it also helps to keep costs down. If your housecleaner is charging you an hourly rate, it’s a waste of your money to have him or her pick up toys, books, and clutter.

The less clutter you have around, the easier it’ll be for your house cleaner to focus on more important tasks.

Remove things from the floor. A cleaning lady vacuums under almost everything, so the less stuff on the floor the better.

Any time spent picking up is time not spent cleaning.

A professional cleaner is there to help you handle those tougher cleaning jobs that you either can’t do on your own or do not have time, be clear about exactly how big and dirty your home is, so the customer service representative can help you book the appropriate type of service.

Take Care of Pets

In case you have pets, put them in the yard or a room not being cleaned so your cleaning person and your pets will be safe.  Be sure to let your cleaning service know what animals you have in the house.

There’s nothing like finishing mopping all the floors and then your muddy dog runs in from the yard. Re-sweeping and mopping will require extra time, and perhaps money on your part, so it’s best to be considerate and tuck away the fur babies until they’re finished.

Our team spends the time needed to provide you with the best possible results but getting your house ready will make sure that you get the best experience. Without a home being prepared properly, you might not get the clean that you’re expecting.

While it’s important to declutter your home before we arrive, there’s no need to spend any time cleaning.  Cleaning homes is what we do, after all. Let us do the DIRTY WORK!

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