It’s time to Start the New Year with a sparkling clean home.

The beginning of a new year is the best time to get a fresh start on things. Many people start with a goal for the new year, maybe better personal finance or health and nutrition, but taking care of your home is a great way to start as well, by cleaning up our living space can you enhance the atmosphere of the home that shelters and protects us. So let’s look at the things you can do to get your home ready to welcome 2023.

Where do we begin?
– Make a plan and get rid of the garbage.

The best cleaning tip for the home is to have less stuff to clean. Take a good look around and make a plan to move through the entire house clearing away items you don’t use.

Get rid of everything that you have been planning to throw out but never got around to doing. Throw out all garbage and we mean ALL. This doesn’t just mean emptying your trash can – this means donating clothes you don’t wear, appliances you don’t use, extra kitchen gadgets, and even technology you don’t need.

Go through all of your paperwork and ditch old receipts, takeaway menus, shopping bags, gift boxes, toys, and anything that isn’t needed. This will automatically take care of half the cleaning. You would not believe how much of your clutter is actually stuff meant to be thrown away.

-Declutter, Declutter, Declutter.

Cleaning only the ree spaces is not enough, we’ve all been guilty of cleaning only the most visible grime, but the ideal way is to move your furniture and accessories so that you can cover hidden areas. You will be amazed at what ends up underneath your sofas and tables.

Work in small bites, so the job isn’t overwhelming.
Dust every surface (overhead lighting fixtures, walls, trim, fans, furnishings, items, and anything else in the room). Always clean high before you clean low so you can catch anything that drifts down.

PAY ATTENTION TO GLASS AREAS as it helps to reflect any natural light around your home.

GIVE YOUR BATHROOM A DEEP CLEAN. Your restroom has to look and smell great. The process of deep cleaning your bathroom isn’t as complicated as you might think— at another time, we will show you a few tips that can help you leave your bathroom sparkling.

A thorough cleaning is precisely what every room needs— If you are overwhelmed we understand. Cleaning is tiring and the days leading up to 1st January are always busy, you may not have the time or the help required to do a deep clean of the entire house. But we can help you next year. Call us if you need home cleaning services!

Let this new year be the year in which you have prosperity in your home, your health, and your finances.