7 Reasons to Choose a Professional House Cleaning Company Over an Independent Cleaner.

Cleaning everything in your house can be a LOT of work. You probably don’t have the time to do everything, which is why you can be thinking of hiring professional cleaners you can trust.

Should you care if your cleaner works alone or is part of a cleaning company? Short answer: Yes, for many reasons.

To help you make the best decision, we’ve highlighted 7 top reasons why you should choose a house cleaning company over an independent house cleaner.

1. Insurance and legal obligations

Cleaning service companies will handle all legal paperwork, be insured, licensed, and bonded if applicable, and pay your taxes and workers’ compensation. If you hire someone who doesn’t have insurance and doesn’t pay taxes, you could be considered an employer and liable for taxes and injuries that occur within your home. Imagine how much it could cost you.

2. Efficiency and training

The efficiency of the cleaner depends on your skills and training. An independent cleaner may not have learned these skills, and it can be difficult to discern if they have the level of training that a professional home cleaning company provides. Professional cleaning services hire and train people to become professional cleaners to the highest standards set by them. They’ll clean every room with the right tools, eradicating dirt and bacteria you didn’t even know existed in your home.

3. Cost

When hiring a cleaning company, the final price is easier to calculate because you can make a free estimate in advance.

Generally, individual cleaners tend to charge less money than companies because they do not have administrative or operating expenses. However, when it comes to cleaning your home, some things matter more than the price.

One of the most important things to know when choosing a cleaning service is who comes into your home. With an independent contractor, do you know who comes to your house each week?

4. Reliability

Cleaners will be near all of your valuables and personal items. When you entrust your house cleaning to the wrong people several things can go wrong. However, with the right people, you can rest assured that your home and everything are in good hands.

An advantage of hiring a company is that you can verify their online presence and check the reviews, learn about who they are, their core values, and ethics.

5. Flexibility of schedule

Hiring a cleaning company is flexible. You can request cleaning as often as you need, and you can change the schedule to suit your needs. Whether you need a monthly deep cleaning or a regular weekly cleaning, you don’t have to be tied to a rigid contract.

6. Number of cleaners

A cleaning company has many employees who can be sent to your home based on your schedule and need. If your cleaner is on sick or vacation leave, it may be possible to send another employee to cover the cleaning schedule on time or if you need a deeper cleaning that requires more time and effort it may be necessary to send an additional cleaner.

7. Background checks

Professional cleaning companies like The Clean Image do background checks on all of their staff before taking them on as employees. We make sure that all household cleaners delivered to your home are reliable, qualified, trained, and properly selected.