How to Get Pet Hair Off Furniture and Carpet?

We all love our pets. But sometimes, don’t you wish those good friends would stop shedding pet hair all over the place?

Especially during shedding season, it’s easy for pet fur to get out of hand. You might find that you are covered in just as much fur as them!

Of course, you vacuum all the time and you brush your dog or cat regularly to remove excess hair. But still, the hair is stuck on your furniture. That’s why we’re showing you some easy and affordable solutions to get your furniture and carpet hair-free.

1. Dampen & Lightly Sweep Your Carpet Before You Vacuum.

If you want to pick up a lot of pet hair, dampen your carpet and use a rubber broom to roll all the hair into a nice little ball. If you want to get rid of some pet odors while you’re at it use a little baking soda on your carpet & let it sit in for 10 minutes before vacuuming.

2. Remove pet hair from upholstery and fabric with rubber gloves. 

Wear a pair of disposable rubber gloves, and dampen them with water so the hair will stick. Run your hand over the surface to attract hair. Simple rinse off the glove when it’s covered with hair, and repeat as needed. If you don’t have rubber gloves handy, try a slightly wet sponge instead.  

3. Invest in a spray bottle.

Using a spray bottle, lightly mist mix-equal parts of water, and fabric softener onto your upholstered furniture, then use a dedicated cloth to remove the loosened pet hair.

The spray will eliminate the electric charge, making removal easier. Wipe in one direction only, and the hair will pile up and can be easily pick-up by hand.

4. Cover your furniture.

If your dog or cat has a slots favorite on your bed, sofa, or carpet, protect it by covering it with a pet blanket or rug that can go in the washing machine once a week.

5. Use a lint roller. 

Lint rollers are handheld objects that are covered with tape on one end. This tape sticks to fur and everything else, removing it from the couch. When the piece gets full, you can unroll it and detach it to change to a fresh roll. It is effective. This is probably one of the more common ways to remove pet hair from a couch.

6. Try a Squeegee.

A squeegee is just a piece, or several pieces, of soft rubber. They are effective for cleaning windows but are also a good way to attract pet hairs. Use a clean squeegee and wipe your cushions to pick up some of the hair left behind by your cat or dog.

7. Dryer Sheets Work Miracles.

Dryer sheets are the perfect hack for picking up pet hair. The best part? All you need to do is rub the dryer sheets on your furniture, carpet. Not only is it an incredibly easy way to clean up pet hair, but it also leaves your furniture smelling like fresh laundry.

8. Definitive Solution:

Toss all your upholstered furniture and replace it with only leather items. Give away all your carpets or change your floor and replace it with hardwood or vinyl. Too drastic? Fine.

If you do not have time for that, the solution is to hire a professional cleaning service. Having their homes professional cleaning services every week or two weeks can make a big difference.